Getting Started

Submitted by ajalon on 20 March 2010 – 10:13am
Welcome to! If you are new to our community, we recommend that you register and introduce yourself on the forums. Once you’ve done that, where can you go?

AV Catalog
If you’re looking for visualizations, you’ll want to visit the AV Catalog. Visualizations in the catalog are grouped by topic. We provide subjective evaluation data on the visualizations from a pedagogical perspective.

Field Reports
If you’re looking to share your experiences using visualizations in teaching, or want to read about other instructors’ experiences, you’ll want to visit our collection of user-submitted Field Reports.

Notifications and User Profile
Your user profile (see “Your Account” in the upper-right corner of the browser window) allows you to control what notifications, if any, that you will receive from us. You can set your profile to receive updates via email about changes to the site. You can receive notifications just about major news events, or you can choose to be informed about new forum posts, catalog entries, etc. You can also follow us at Twitter (algoviz) or “like” us at Facebook.

If you’re looking for research literature on algorithm visualizations, you’ll want to visit the Annotated Bibliography.

If you have a question about AVs — finding them, using them, teaching with them, developing them — that we just don’t answer anywhere else on, visit our forums.

OpenAlgoViz is our open-source AV code repository. It provides AV developers with code implementation examples, and with a hosting site for projects if desired.