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About the OpenDSA Active-eBook Project

Welcome! This wiki is obsolete. I am leaving these pages in place for historical interest. But if you want to know about the OpenDSA Project, then you should go to the OpenDSA Project Homepage. You can also view the OpenDSA Project documentation.

The original purpose of this wiki was to provide an organized way to document the OpenDSA Active-eBook Project. The original goal was to develop a complete hypertextbook for data structures and algorithms (DSA) courses. Since its original conception, OpenDSA grew into an infrastructure project to support a large body of materials that was initially focused on DSA materials, but which grew beyond that to include materials on Formal Languages, Finite Automata, Translators, and Parsing.

Below is the early documentation that attempted to define the project in the 2012 timeframe.


Editing this Wiki

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