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2010 AlgoViz Awards Winners and the AlgoViz Hall of Fame

At SIGCSE 2010, we announced the winners of the first annual AlgoViz Awards. There were two winners in each of three award categories, for a total of six winning AVs, all chosen by you! These six winners — as well as one additional AV — are the first inductees into the new AlgoViz Hall of Fame.

Read on to find out who the Award winners are! Or see our video presentation of the winners at

ACM/IEEE SOFTVIS'10 Call for Papers

The ACM/IEEE Symposium on Software Visualization (SOFTVIS'10) is a major venue for AV-related research. It will be held this year in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, October 25-26. Paper submissions are due April 30, 2010. For more details, visit

AlgoViz at SIGCSE'10

UPDATESIGCSE '10 was a huge success! Thanks, everyone! See for more…

Members of the AlgoViz community will be out in force at SIGCSE'10 in Milwaukee this year. Project PIs Cliff Shaffer and Steve Edwards will be there along with grad students Monika Akbar, AJ Alon, and Michael Stewart.

UPDATED: Awards Voting Closed

Voting for the AlgoViz Awards has closed. The winners will be announced at our Special Session at SIGCSE’10 entitled “Building an Online Educational Community for Algorithm Visualization”.

Thanks for participating!

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