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2011 AlgoViz Award Winners

Winners for the 2011 AlgoViz Awards were announced at AlgoViz's presentation during the NSF Showcase at SIGCSE 2011 in Dallas, TX. Two AVs won the 2011 AlgoViz Award, and have been added to the AlgoViz Hall of Fame.

Winners were selected from a slate of seven nominees, picked from recommendations by the AlgoViz Steering Committee. All registered users of the AlgoViz site were eligible to vote for nominees, by rating each on a scale of 1 to 5. The winners were the two AVs with the highest average rating.


The 2011 AlgoViz Award winners are:

Last call for voting: the AlgoViz Awards

Monday (2/28) will be the last day of voting for the 2011 AlgoViz Awards. Please help out the community, and rate our nominees. Since the voting is based on highest average rating rather than you direct comparison, you can vote for as few or as many of the nominees as you like.


Please note that you must be logged in to vote. If you haven't registered at the site yet, this is easy. Or you can just log from Facebook.

SIGCSE 2011 Workshop #7: How to Use Algorithm Visualizations in Your Class

We will present a workshop at SIGCSE 2011. This isn't just the usual "here are some good AVs that you could use". We will be talking about real examples of instructors using them in real classes, and how you can overcome the hurdles that we all encounter when trying to bring new technology into our courses.


For more information, see the Workshop #7 Web Page.

Creating Screen Capture Videos for your AVs

If you have developed an AV, we encourage you to creaite a simple screen-capture video to show off how it works. Our AV catalog allows us to associate videos with a catalog entry, and you can see examples by looking at the entries for any of the AlgoViz Awards nominees. (By the way, have you voted yet?) Various free programs make it easy for you to record the contents of the computer screen while using a program. You can easily add audio for narration of the action. When done, you can upload to YouTube for public access.

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