is a gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and animations (AVs). It is a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources. 

New Rank Ordering

AlgoViz now uses a customized ranking mechanism to order the results of a catalog search. As a result, you should now see higher-rated entries at the top of the list. Compared to our earlier system, which sorted the entries alphabetically, this new system will help you to find visualizations that best fit your needs.

AlgoViz Badging System has implemented a badging program to acknowledge the contributions of its members.

Many common activities that you do at the site will earn credit toward new badges.

This lets other users see who are the active members and contributing citizens on the site.

The following badges are now available:

AlgoViz Metadata

Want to add AlgoViz to your collection? Getting metadata from AlgoViz has never been easier. We now have two OAI Data Provider (OAI-DP) feeds for the AlgoViz catalog.

  • OAI -DP following the Dublin Core metadata standard  (metadata prefix = oai_dc)


This feed includes all the catalog entries (more than 500 of them).

The fields for each entry includes: identifier (AlgoViz url), subject (topic), title, description, format, rights, language, creator, publisher, relation (e.g., stand-alone, part of a project) and date. The field ‘description’ may appear 3-times for each entry: one containing the actual description data of that catalog entry, one containing the ‘Evaluation’ of the catalog entry if available (the data for this field starts with "Evaluation :"), and the last one contains part of the "Recommendation" field. 


  • OAI -DP following the NSDL metadata standard (metadata prefix = nsdl_dc)


This feed contains only those catalog entries that have at least one "Recommended" value in a recommendation subfield (less than 100 entries).

The field for each entry includes: identifier, subject, title, format, accessRights, creator, publisher, description, educationaLevel, audience, and type.



If you want to know more about these standards please follow the links below. 

Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

Dublin Core (DC) Metadata Standard 

NSDL Metadata Standard

NSDL Metadata FAQ


If you have any question or feedback, do let us know! 

Filtered Catalog Search (and a New Server) is now settling into a spanking-new server (shared with the Ensemble project at If you see anything unusual, please let us know! We'll also be working on some Drupal site performance enhancements over the next little while.

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