Guido Rössling, TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Major work for Animal appears to be around 1999-2000

Publications: See papers in bibliography by Guido Rössling

Animal is a system for developing animations. There are a lot of similarities to Microsoft Powerpoint. Users must download an application (in the form of a Java .jar file) that is the Animal engine. Users then open an Animal .aml file. What users see is something that looks a bit like a slide show, with controls to move through the show either step-by-step, or at an automated pacing.

A large number of animations are available at the project website. Since the results are animations, users cannot interact with the data structures/algorithms.

See also JHAVÉ which supports Animal scripts.

For detailed instructions on how to install Animal and run Animal AVs, see: Once you have installed the Animal .jar file and downloaded/unpacked the .zip file of Animal animations, you are now ready to run Animal. Run the .jar file to start Animal. Then go to the “Open” menu item, and browse to where you put the animal animations you got in the .zip file. Pick your desired AV from the list. You can then step through the animation, or use “kiosk mode” to have the steps fed to you at a constant pace.

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