Created by Pilu Crescenzi (University of Florence), Giorgio Gambosi (University of Rome II), Roberto Grossi (University of Pisa), Carlo Nocentini (University of Florence), and Walter Verdese (University of Pisa).

This is both a toolkit for creating AVs, and a large collection of AVs. The AVs were created to support the textbook "Strutture di dati e algoritmi. Progettazione, analisi e visualizzazione" by Gambosi, Grossi, and Crescenzi. The toolkit and AVs are in both English and Italian.

Papers: Bongiovanni1998, Crescenzi2007

This information is from the ALVIE website:

ALVIE is a post-mortem algorithm visualization Java environment, which is based on the interesting event paradigm.

The current distribution of ALVIE includes the visualization of almost seventy algorithms and data structures, which can be easily customized and localized: almost all visualizations include the representation of the corresponding algorithm C-like pseudo-code.

ALVIE also includes a data structure graphical editor, which allows the user to easily create new inputs for the algorithm executions and visualizations. The GUI of the visualization player contains, besides the standard navigation buttons, buttons for setting bookmarks and for zooming.

The ALVIE distribution allows a programmer to develop new algorithms with their corresponding visualization: the included Java class library, indeed, makes the creation of a visualization quite an easy task (once the interesting events have been identified).

ALVIE has been used in order to integrate algorithm visualization technology into an Italian textbook on algorithms and data structures: the book has been adopted by several undergraduate programs in computer science in Italy.

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