JSAV Version 0.4.2 released

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JSAV version 0.4.2 was released. This is mainly bug fixes and minor improvements. There was also steady progress in draft modules and a new Mergesort AV. Finally, we are making progress toward utilities for generating a "knowledge map" view of the modules.


Here are the JSAV release notes:

(Version 0.4.2 was posted to SourceForge on April 12, 2012)

  • Fixed a bug in tree positioning
  • Added function isAnimating() to check whether an animation is playing
  • Restructured data structure implementations into modules
  • Added easier way to attach event handlers to the data structures
  • Fixed a bug in array and tree value handling

I am not quite at the point where I am ready to put the reStructuredText versions into the distribution. But that should be coming soon after I make more progress on converting and completing the Shellsort demonstration.