JSAV version 0.3.1 released (and an OpenDSA update)

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 Happy New Year! And a Happy New JSAV (minor) release. This time its just some bug fixes, including some improved support for Internet Explorer 9.


However, as a bonus, this release also includes a preliminary version of the Binary Tree layout support. But that is still under development and not officially supported until Verison 0.4. We hope to release that later this month, or in February at the latest.


Also, a little update on the progress that we have been making. Separate from JSAV library development, we have also been working on our infrastructure for the eTextbook itself. In particular, we are working on dealing with a collection of "modules" that relate to each other through a prerequisite chain. The Shellsort Tutorial is an example of what we mean by a module. And we are also making progress on our infrastructure to support interactive questions and exercises (separate from the major Proficiency Exercises that are already supported by JSAV, as illustrated by the Shellsort Tutorial). We are basing this off of the open-source Khan Academy exercise infrastructure. If you have never seen this, take a look at www.khanacademy.org/exercisedashboard to see what I mean. Hopefully in the not-to-distant future we will be able to show off an example of the current vision. For now, look at the Khan Academy Knowledge Map and some exercises. Now imagine a similar Knowledge Map for DSA topics, where each module is actually the content for a topic interspersed with excercises. Contained within the module would be Khan Academy-style practice exercises. You can see this in the current version of the Shellsort Tutorial in the form of the three red buttons that will link to exercises. Implementing those is next on my own TODO list.