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At PVW 2011, we agreed that we would set up and us a wiki to help us organize information about the project. It took longer than I had hoped, but I am glad to finally announce that the OpenDSA Wiki is now ready! We had a false start as we found out that there is no standard way to incorporate a wiki directly in Drupal at this time. What we have done is installed MediaWiki. Fortunately, there is support to link a Drupal site to a MediaWiki site, so that the Drupal site can control login access. And that is what we have set up.

To visit the Wiki, just follow the menu links under "Active-eBook Project" or "Forums". If you are logged in here at AlgoViz, you will automatically be logged into the Wiki with the same account, and if you have been given permission to post here, then you automatically have permission to edit pages on the Wiki. I have seeded the Wiki with some pages to get us started. If you plan to participate in the OpenDSA project, please post something on the "Participants" page. Hope to see you there!