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When talking about this project, I have been using the term "hypertextbook" to identify the thing that we want to create. And I have been using the following definition for a hypertextbook: It must tightly interleave three elements:


1. Static text and graphics

2. Dynamic content: animated slideshows, interactive activities and visualizations, simulations, etc., and

3. Assessment activities: questions, proficiency exercises, programming exercises, etc., with immediate feedback on progress.


I had a discussion with some people here in Finland who suggested that hypertextbook might have a bad connotation for some people. It might make them think of old ’80s or ’90s efforts to create a plain document with hyperlinks within it. Personally, I like to avoid the term "eTextbook" because that makes me think "eBook" on an eBook reader, which to me is essentially the equivalent of a static PDF file.


What do you think of these terms, and do you have another suggestion?