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Welcome! The purpose of this forum is to provide a meeting place and discussion center for a project to develop a complete hypertextbook for data structures and algorithms courses. Much more will be posted soon about the project. But the fundamental premises are:

  • This is an open source, creative commons collaborative. We hope that many people will eventually participate and contribute.
  • All materials are modifiable and replaceable. You can pick and choose what you can make use of. Thus, the infrastructure that we use needs to support a creative commons where users can put together those pieces that they want to use to create teaching resources.
  • Our hypertextbook vision tightly integrates (1) textbook-quality text and graphics with (2) interactive visualizations and exercises and (3) assessment support. Its not a hypertextbook without all three of those components.
  • The eventual goal is complete materials that instructors can use to teach a topic or an entire course.

For an overview of the project vision, see:

C.A. Shaffer, T.L. Naps, and E. Fouh, Truly Interactive Textbooks for Computer Science Education, in Proceedings of the Sixth Program Visualization Workshop, June 30, 2011, Darmstadt, Germany.