AlgoViz Newsletter #1

February 1, 2011

Welcome to the first AlgoViz Newsletter. For more details on any of these news items, please visit us at

2011 AlgoViz Awards Voting is now Open!

The 2011 AlgoViz Awards voting page is now open! Voting will close at the end of February. You can vote at . (Please note that you must be logged in to see the list of nominees or to vote. If you don't want to make an account at the AlgoViz site, you may also enter the site using your FaceBook account).

Join us for SIGCSE 2011 in Dallas!

The AlgoViz project has a lot going on at SIGCSE this year. SIGCSE is the premiere conference on Computer Science education. Our focus this year is not just to show off what good AVs are out there for people to use. We hope to go beyond that and provide helpful information to instructors who would like to use AVs, but in the past just haven't been able to get over the hurdles that so many of us face when it comes to adding a piece
of technology to our courses.

  • We will have a joint booth in the exhibition hall for the AlgoViz ( and Ensemble ( projects.
  • We will announce the 2011 AlgoViz Awards as part of the NSF Showcase during the Friday afternoon session (3:00-4:30). If you have not already voted for the 2011 AlgoViz Awards, please do so! ( — Note that you will need to register to see the voting ballot.)
  • We have a workshop "#7 How to Use Algorithm Visualizations in Your Class" on Wednesday evening.
  • We have a paper presentation "Getting Algorithm Visualizations into the Classroom" on Thursday during the 1:45-3:00pm session.

We hope to see you at one or more of these events!

AlgoViz Notifications via Twitter and RSS

Want to know when there is a new AlgoViz news story? Or want to know if there is a new field report here, but don't want to need to keep checking just in case? You can receive notifications about activity at in three ways: email, Twitter, or RSS feed. We now have five Twitter and RSS feeds: (1) News articles and field reports; (2) Forum posts; (3) New catalog entries; (4) New bibliography entries; and (5) The full set of all AlgoViz notifications.