The Algorithm Visualization Catalog is a comprehensive collection of links to algorithm visualizations, or AVs.


An overall assessment for an AV, given by the AlgoViz project maintainers and other raters. There are four aspects to the recommendation:

  • Is the AV suitable for use as a Lecture Aide? This typically means as part of a presentation made by an instructor.
  • Is the AV suitable for use as a Self-study Supplement? This is typically in a context where the student has already received instruction on the topic from some source other than the AV, perhaps through a lecture a textbook. Thus, the AV serves as a supplement to this other source of instruction, possibly in a closed lab setting or on the student's own time.
  • Is the AV suitable for use as a Standalone treatment of the topic? In this case, the AV is expected to contain all of the content necessary to understand the visualization being presented.
  • Is the AV suitable for use as a Debugging Aide? Usually this means that the AV presents sufficient detail about the algorithm or data structure being visualized that the student could use the visualization to verify whether his or her own implementation was operating correctly. For example, a visualization of a Binary Search Tree might show the stucture of the tree after a selected value has been inserted into the tree.
Possible Values Description
Has Potential
Not Recommended