The Algorithm Visualization Catalog is a comprehensive collection of links to algorithm visualizations, or AVs.

Activity Level

A list of descriptive features such as how the AV is controlled and how test data sets are provided.
Possible Values Description
Animation The user has the option of setting the presentation to run as an animation (typically with a speed control).
Animation only The AV is primarily an animation with no ability to control the pacing (aside from possibly a framerate speed control).
Canned data One or more sets of input data are provided to demonstrate the algorithm or data structure. Typically these pre-selected datasets will showcase both “normal” behavior as well as boundary cases.
Exploration Users direct the AV in some way to explore the behavior and/or performance of the algorithm or data structure.
Predictions Users (either optionally or by requirement) provide predictions on algorithm/data structure behavior before it happens. For example, users might indicate where a data item will go next in a storage structure before the actual positioning is revealed.
Questions Questions to the user are an integrated part of the experience, through means such as intermittent pop-ups, a post test, or associated guide questions.
Random data Input data for testing the algorithm or data structure may be randomly or pseudo-randomly generated.
Slideshow The AV is really just a static presentation of content.
Step control Progression through the stages of the presentation are controlled by the user hitting a “step” or “next” button, as opposed to an animation.
User data Users can (or must) supply input data for testing the algorithm or data structure.