The Algorithm Visualization Catalog is a comprehensive collection of links to algorithm visualizations, or AVs.

Delivery Method

Possible Values Description
Animal Animation Written in the Animal scripting language.
Animation A passive animation, such as a YouTube video.
Flash Written in Flash, available via web broswer.
GTK Application Written in GTK.
Java Applet A Java Applet directly accessible from a web browser.
Java Application Written in Java, but must be downloaded before it can be used.
Java Web Start Accessible via the Java Web Start mechanism.
JavaScript Written in Java Script, available via web browser.
Linux Application Must be downloaded and run in Linux.
Multi-Platform Application Application to download, available on multiple platforms (e.g., Windows, Linux, Apple).
PalmOS Application Runs on a Palm Pilot or similar device.
PowerPoint Slides Runs as a PowerPoint presentation.
Python Application An application in Python, that must be downloaded and run locally.
Shockwave Written in Shockwave, available via web browser.
Windows Application Must be downloaded and run in MS Windows.