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Malmi, L., Karavirta, V., Korhonen, A., Nikander, J., Seppala, O., and Silvasti, P. Visual Algorithm Simulation Exercise System with Automatic Assessment: TRAKLA2. Informatics in Education Volume 3 3, 2 (2004), 267-288.

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From the project site webpage:

"TRAKLA2 is an automatic exercise system for learning data structures and algorithms. The system provides an environment to solve algorithm simulation exercises that can be automatically graded. The grading is based on comparison between the learner made simulation sequence and a sequence produced by an actual algorithm."

The back end to TRAKLA2 appears to be MatrixPro.

  • Developer: Aalto University (Finland); Ville Karavirta, Ari Korhonen, Lauri Malmi, and Kimmo Stålnacke
  • Last updated: 2006-01-25
  • Last visited: 2011-06-01

TRAKLA2 is widely used in Finland (and might arguably be the AV project with the greatest number of total users). It is actively maintained as of 2011.


TRAKA2 is a winner of the Koli Calling Educational Tool Award.

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