AlgoViz Site Registration Disabled

Our apologies to those who would like to register an account at this site, but we have had to disable this capability. Despite our best efforts to put in various controls (human response required to register an account, heavy moderation on all content, etc.), the fact is that we were being overwhelmed by link spammers who would register an account and then try to sneak bogus content onto the site to advertise their products and websites.

While efforts to create a community aspect for this site were an important part of our original vision, that aspect never took off. The primary value added by this site is the extensive catalog of Algorithm Visualizations, and also the extensive research bibliography. Access to these resources does not require registration. Unfortunately, the level of community in the form of registered users submitting comments, reviews, and discussion was not sufficient to justify the continuing efforts needed to maintain a clean, useable site in the face of persistant malicious abuse.

Please do not hesitate to submit suggestions or full catalog entries for any algorithm visualizations that are not currently in the catalog, by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page.