OpenDSA Project Receives Funding from NSF/IUSE Program

 The OpenDSA eTextbook project has received a grant from the NSF IUSE program.

The award goes to Co-PIs Cliff Shaffer and Jeremy Ernst of Virginia Tech, Susan Rodger of Duke University, and Tom Naps of University of Wisconsin— Oshkosh. The total funding for the three-year grant is $998,402.

The grant will support efforts to expand the content, improve the infrastructure, and disseminate project materials. Key objectives of the project include:

  • Integrate the popular JFLAP sytem for Formal Languges into the OpenDSA framework. This will involve a rewrite to JFLAP into HTML5.
  • Create visualizations and content to support topics in Programming Languages.
  • Develop materials for more advanced DSA topics such as NP Completeness.
  • Develop techniques for visualizations that go beyond portraying the dynamics of algorithms to presenting analytical material such as the analysis of the corresponding algorithms.
  • Expand the interoperability of OpenDSA to work with course management infrastructure such as OpenEdX.
  • Work with instructors at a range of institutions to deliver OpenDSA materials to their students, and to study how instructors and students can make best use of the OpenDSA materials.

For more information on the OpenDSA project, see the OpenDSA project website. You can check out some sample book instances here. If you are an instructor who is interested in using OpenDSA in your class, you can contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.