OpenDSA Project Receives NSF Funding

 Our sister project, OpenDSA, has recently received two NSF grants. OpenDSA seeks to to develop a complete online interactive textbook for data structures and algorithms (DSA) courses. Eventually, this will include:

  • Hundreds of instructional modules, where each module is the equivalent to one topic, such as one sorting algorithm, corresponding to a couple of pages in a standard textbook. Each module is of textbook quality.
  • Every algorithm or data structure illustrated by an interactive algorithm visualization.
  • Every module containing multiple interactive assessment activities that give students immediate feedback on their proficiency with the material. This means many hundreds of exercises.

Our current funding includes the following grants:

  • TUES program grant DUE-1139861 supports the collaboration of Virginia Tech, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and Rice University to develop the prototype system and initial content.
  • EAGER program grant IIS-1258571 supports the collaboration of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Auburn University, and Virginia Tech to work with Aalto University, Finland.

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