New Rank Ordering

AlgoViz now uses a customized ranking mechanism to order the results of a catalog search. As a result, you should now see higher-rated entries at the top of the list. Compared to our earlier system, which sorted the entries alphabetically, this new system will help you to find visualizations that best fit your needs.

 The details of the ranking mechanism are subject to change as we get more information from a greater variety of sources. For now, it takes into account the ‘Works’ field along with the four recommendations when assigning an ordering score to each catalog entry. So if an entry has at least one recommendation and ‘Works’, then it will tend to appear near the top of the list. Entries that do not work or are "not recommended" will be listed more toward the end. Any entry that ‘Works’ with the recommendation field containing either "Has potential" or "Unrated", will appear in the middle of list. 


If you have seen an AV that you liked or didn’t like, now is the perfect time to rate it. This will not only help others to choose the best AVs but will give you a higher rank  in the AlgoViz community and possibly a new badge!