AlgoViz Notifications via Twitter and RSS

Want to know when there is a new AlgoViz news story? Or want to know if there is a new field report here, but don't want to need to keep checking just in case? You can receive notifications about activity at in three ways: email, Twitter, or RSS feed. We now have five Twitter and RSS feeds: (1) News articles and field reports; (2) Forum posts; (3) New catalog entries; (4) New bibliography entries; and (5) The full set of all AlgoViz notifications. Look here for details on the Twitter feed, and here for details on the RSS links. If you prefer email notifications, you can control that at your profile. Just click on "Your account" at the top right of the screen. In your profile page, click on the "Notifications" tab and then "Administer your subscriptions" to see a list of current notifications. Clicking on the "Content Type" tab to select which content types you want notification about, and the frequency that you want to receive the notification.