Nominations are now open for the 2011 AlgoViz Awards

We have now opened nominations for the 2011 AlgoViz awards. The nomination form is at here. We do require that all nominees have an associated catalog entry. If you would like to nominate something not currently in the catalog, you can submit a new catalog entry here. Please note that you must register at the site to nominate, vote, or submit new catelog entries.

This year, we are hoping to have three categories: New AVs (AVs published since September, 2008), Program Visualizations, and General AVs (everything else). Don't hesitate to add your own nominations! Ideal candidate would be:

  • Something that you have used in your own classes (or were used in a class that you took) that worked well. Or…
  • An AV that you developed. Here is a chance to show off your best work!

Once we have an initial slate of nominees, we will open up the voting. Since this is actually rating rather than voting, we can still accept nominations even once the voting has begun. One improvement over last year that we are planning is to have a video demonstrating each nominee. This should make it easier to cast a vote.

The winners will be those nominees that get the average highest ratings. Depending on the number of nominations, we would have at least one winner per category. Last year, we had three categories, and declared two winners from each for a total of six. Winners will be added to the AlgoViz Hall of Fame.