Field Reports tell how instructors have used AVs in their teaching.

Interactive Hashing Tutorial

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Cliff Shaffer
Virginia Tech
CS 3114 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
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Spring 2009
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This tutorial was used as part of a quasi-experiment to compare the pedagogical effectiveness of the tutorial as compared to standard textbook/lecture. The section of CS3114 was given the tutorial as a "closed lab" experience in class over two 75 minute class sessions (one week of instruction). A worksheet was also administered in each class meeting. At the same time, I lectured to a section of a very similar class (CS2606 — the course that CS 3114 is replacing). The lecture and text used were my textbook, "A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and File Processing" which also served as the basis of the tutorial text. So the content for the two sections was nearly identical. Some unexpected bugs were discovered in the tutorial. On the second day, use of the tutorial had to be postponed until the following week, and another lecture topic was improvised on the spot. These bugs have since been fixed in the tutorial. After each section received its treatment, a quiz was given to both sections. The tutorial group scored better on the quiz, but the difference fell just short of being statistically significant. In the previous year (Spring 2008), we did a similar study comparing the tutorial to the lecture/textbook treatment. In the quiz, the tutorial group's performance was better, significantly so.