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Fundamental Techniques for Algorithm Animation Displays

TitleFundamental Techniques for Algorithm Animation Displays
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBrown, M. H., and J. Hershberger
EditorStasko, J. T., J. Domingue, M. H. Brown, and B. A. Price
Book TitleSoftware Visualization
PublisherMIT Press

Authors claim it is more effective to use several different “views'' (representations of the underlying data). Use state cues to differentiate between future, current and previous state. Static view of algorithm's history and data structure help explain the algorithm much like a textbook example. Incremental change is most helpful for “small'' data sets. Running several algorithms simultaneously allows the user to compare the performance. Example implementation of this is that the first algorithm that reaches an interesting event waits on all others. Use small data sets for “new'' algorithms, larger ones to illustrate the behavior. Incorporate “pathological'' data sets! “Cooked'' data illustrates special properties - e.g. sorting 5 identical elements with Quicksort. Color — see page 86f