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Program Visualization in Theory and Practice

TitleProgram Visualization in Theory and Practice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsBen-Ari, M.
JournalInformatik / Informatique, Special Issue on Visualization of Software

Cited from work by Richard E. Mayer (1995): text and graphics must be presented simultaneously and coordinated: text explains graphics; MM helps create multiple representations of a problem - text needed to coordinate the representations; MM better suited for learner with low prior knowledge of subject or high spatial ability. Cited from research by Marian Petre (1995): advantage of graphical code representation in secondary notation - layout (grouping of elements), typography (indentation), other stuff; must be learned, not obvious to novice! Icons are not very relevant to ease of learning if the underlying concept is unknown — use tool tips, too! Use of visualization systems is not obvious — teach the users what is being displayed! Visualizations must be designed for specific class of learners, depending on their experience and learning styles.