2011 Awards - Voting Ballot

On this page you may cast your vote to help select the winners of the Algorithm Visualization Awards. (If you cannot see the nominees at the bottom of this page, then be sure that you are registered and logged in.) Voting closes on February 28, 2011. See here for the list of winners from 2010.


You will actually be "rating" the nominees. You may rate all of the nominees on the ballot, just a few, or even just one. How many you rate is up to you. You may assign one rating to each nominee. You can change your ratings as many times as you like, but only the most recent revision will count. Ratings are made on a scale of 1 to 5. To rate, simply click on the star corresponding to your desired value. The server will automatically save your vote -- you do not have to refresh the page.


Note that each nominee's catalog entry has a short video (link is right below the screenshots) that you can watch if you want to get a quick idea for how it works.


Factors that you should consider: Does the AV...
  • ...depict the workings of an algorithm relevant to the study of CS? Consider the importance of the algorithm, the degree of difficulty students typically encounter in learning about the algorithm, and the technical correctness of the depiction.
  • ...adapt to the knowledge level of the user? Examples might be some level of control for the level of detailed information presented.
  • ...provide multiple views?
  • ...include performance information about the algorithm or data structure (not just mechanics)?
  • ...include execution history through the states of the visualization? Examples include a text window with messages at each step, and the ability to back up through prior states.
  • flexible execution control? Or is it limited to a simple animation?
  • user-input data sets?
  • interaction such as questions or user-guided progress through the visualization?
  • ...complement visualizations with explanations?
Is the AV...
  • ...easy to use and aesthetically pleasing? Consider clarity of controls, clarity of information content, layout, color, timing, etc.
  • ...pedagogically sound?
  • ...easy to interpret graphically?
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