Using OpenID for Authentication supports OpenID for authentication!

Wait, what is OpenID?

Click here to watch a Youtube video that explains OpenID in just over four minutes. In brief, OpenID allows you to use a single ID to login to and access variety of Web services, like


How do I get an OpenID?

You will need to get an OpenID from an OpenID Identity Provider. Some Identity Providers are very well-known. For instance, if you use AOL, then your OpenID is If you use Yahoo!, you can set up your OpenID at If you don’t use either AOL or Yahoo!, you may still have an OpenID. Visit for a list of well-known Web sites and services that are also Identity Providers. If you know you don’t have an OpenID, or would rather create a new OpenID, you can also find there a list of specialized Identity Providers. (Some good ones are and Verisign.) Furthermore, if you’re really technically minded, you can be your own Identity Provider. The important thing here is to choose an Identity Provider that you trust, because the Identity Provider maintains your OpenID — your face on the Web.

I have an OpenID. How can I use it on

You can associate your OpenID with your account. Once you do this, instead of logging in with your username and password, you can login using your OpenID. To associate your OpenID with your account, login using your username and password. Go to your ‘Account’ page, then click on ‘OpenID Identities’. Here you can manage which OpenIDs you have associated with your account.

That’s done. So how do I login to with my OpenID?

In the ‘User Login’ box on the left, click on ‘Login Using OpenID’. Enter your OpenID and press ‘Login’. You will then be taken to your Identity Provider, which will challenge you to prove your identity. This may involve entering your username and password for that site. Once you have done so, the Identity Provider will return you to, and you will be logged in!